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Flutter 코딩시 유용한 툴들을 정리해봅니다.


Snippet은 조각이란 뜻입니다.

잘 정돈되어 있는 코드 조각을 키워드 몇 자 넣으면 정돈된 코드를 작성해줍니다.

저처럼 손 느리고 암기력 딸리는 분들에게 필요한 기능입니다.

이런 류의 익스텐션은 해당 언어(.dart) 파일에서만 작동하니 과도한 익스텐션 설치로 난잡해지는 것을 걱정할 필요는 없습니다.

Awesome Flutter Snippets


현재 플러터 최고의 스니펫 익스텐션입니다.

플러터 코딩시 제일 짜증나는 부분이 Stateful 클래스 작성하는 부분인데 키워드 s만 넣어도 복잡한 클래스가 자동으로 생성됩니다.

alt st

만들어진 클래스의 이름을 변경하면 관련 내용이 전부 변경되는 부분이 압권입니다.

alt name

그림의 abcde 문자열이 무려 6개나 변경되는 것을 볼 수 있습니다.

항상 느끼지만.. 다트는 신생 언어 치고는 너무 올드한 것 같습니다.


from 19.12.11

Shortcut Expanded Description
statelessW Stateless Widget Creates a Stateless widget
statefulW Stateful Widget Creates a Stateful widget
build Build Method Describes the part of the user interface represented by the widget.
initS InitState Called when this object is inserted into the tree. The framework will call this method exactly once for each State object it creates.
dis Dispose Called when this object is removed from the tree permanently. The framework calls this method when this State object will never build again.
reassemble Reassemble Called whenever the application is reassembled during debugging, for example during hot reload.
didChangeD didChangeDependencies Called when a dependency of this State object changes
didUpdateW didUpdateWidget Called whenever the widget configuration changes.
customClipper Custom Clipper Used for creating custom shapes
customPainter Custom Painter Used for creating custom paint
listViewB ListView.Builder Creates a scrollable, linear array of widgets that are created on demand.Providing a non-null itemCount improves the ability of the ListView to estimate the maximum scroll extent.
customScrollV Custom ScrollView Creates a ScrollView that creates custom scroll effects using slivers. If the primary argument is true, the controller must be null.
streamBldr Stream Builder Creates a new StreamBuilder that builds itself based on the latest snapshot of interaction with the specified stream
animatedBldr Animated Builder Creates an Animated Builder. The widget specified to child is passed to the builder
statefulBldr Stateful Builder Creates a widget that both has state and delegates its build to a callback. Useful for rebuilding specific sections of the widget tree.
orientationBldr Orientation Builder Creates a builder which allows for the orientation of the device to be specified and referenced
layoutBldr Layout Builder Similar to the Builder widget except that the framework calls the builder function at layout time and provides the parent widget’s constraints.
singleChildSV Single Child Scroll View Creates a scroll view with a single child
futureBldr Future Builder Creates a Future Builder. This builds itself based on the latest snapshot of interaction with a Future.
nosm No Such Method This method is invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
inheritedW Inherited Widget Class used to propagate information down the widget tree.
mounted Mounted Whether this State object is currently in a tree.
snk Sink A Sink is the input of a stream.
strm Stream A source of asynchronous data events. A stream can be of any data type.
subj Subject A BehaviorSubject is also a broadcast StreamController which returns an Observable rather than a Stream.
toStr To String Returns a string representation of this object.
debugP Debug Print Prints a message to the console, which you can access using the flutter tool’s logs command (flutter logs).
importM Material Package Import Material package.
importC Cupertino Package Import Cupertino package.
mateapp Material App Create a new Material App.
cupeapp Cupertino Package Create a New Cupertino App.
tweenAnimationBuilder Tween Animation Builder Widget builder that animates a property of a Widget to a target value whenever the target value changes.
valueListenableBuilder Value Listenable Builder Given a ValueListenable and a builder which builds widgets from concrete values of T, this class will automatically register itself as a listener of the ValueListenable and call the builder with updated values when the value changes.

Flutter Widget Snippets


Awesome Flutter Snippets과 비슷합니다..

주로 위젯 스니펫들이 모여있습니다.

alt name

f 만 입력하면 적당한 코드가 생성됩니다.

Snippet Description
fscaff Scaffold widget snippet
fstfulapp StatefulWidget snippet App
fstless StatelessWidget snippet
fedgall EdgeInsets widget snippet with named constructor all
fedgonly EdgeInsets widget snippet with named constructor only
ftxt Text widget snippet
finitlf Flutter initState lifecycle method snippet
fic Flutter Icon widget snippet
fcont Flutter Container widget snippet
fcent Flutter Center widget snippet
frow Flutter Row widget snippet
fcol Flutter Column widget snippet
fex Expand widget snippet
fszbw SizedBox widget snippet with just width argument
fszbh SizedBox widget snippet with just height argument
fszb SizedBox widget with width and height arguments
fedgsym EdgeInsets widget with named constructor symmetric
fedgsymv EdgeInsets widget with named constructor symmetric with vertical parameter
fedgsymh EdgeInsets widget with named constructor symmetric with horizontal parameter
fimpmat Add material’s package import statement
fstream Display a StreamBuilder widget
Snippet Description
dvar Dart variable declaration using var
dfinal Dart variable declaration using final
dconst Dart variable declaration using const
dinvar Dart Public Instance variable snippet
dprinvar Dart Private instance variable snippet
dmt Dart public method snippet
dprmt Dart private method snippet
darr Dart public arrow function snippet
dprarr Dart private arrow function snippet
dopnctor Dart optional named parameters constructor snippet
dlist Dart List collection snippet
dmap Dart Map collection snippet
dset Dart Set collection snippet
dgetarr Dart arrow function getter snippet
dimpas Dart import as snippet
dimpshow Dart import show snippet
dimplazy Dart import deffered as snippet
dimphide Dart import hide snippet
dexhide Dart export hide snippet
dexshow Dart export show snippet
dconvert Dart convert lib import snippet